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JV “Meest-Tour” welcomes you to Ukraine and offers you medical services:

“Medical tourism” or “health tourism” is a combination of healthcare and leisure, aimed at rejuvenating the patient mentally, physically and emotionally. Medical tourism has become very popular. People come to Ukraine from abroad in order to restore their health. Ukraine is the medical tourism destination of choice for many who are in need of dental work, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery and relief from a host of illnesses. Ukraine offers world class medical facilities, as well as the ideal surroundings to aid a rapid recovery.
However, the trip to Ukraine is worth not only because of treatment. The main purpose of their visit does not eliminate the possibility to get to know the centuries–old history of the country, to learn about it at present and to do the sights.
JV “MEEST-TOUR” has an experience in dealing with ophthalmologic clinics, dentist clinics and spa resorts.
The clinics we are working with are situated in the most beautiful cities, which are still the biggest commercial and cultural centers. And spa resorts are small picturesque cozy towns with beautiful nature, fresh air and hospitable people. Other medical tourism facilities in Ukraine include health spas where visitors can enjoy therapeutic mineral springs, dietary food, modern medical Spa–centers ensuring that the patient returns home feeling a whole lot better than before. The clinics we are working with, organize your treatment in such a way that you can feel more like a tourist rather than a patient. The newest methods and the latest achievements in ophthalmology allow to held treatment and operations during out-patient reception hours. So you do not need to stay in the clinic for a long time; what is more you can not only get medical service but also visit the most beautiful places in Ukraine and go to the best theatres and museums.
You can contact us and indicate what city you would like to take a course of treatment and what clinics you need. According to your offer we could work out an individual tour and post minute information about the prices.