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The village is located in the Carpathians, 100 km from Lviv, on the height of 640 meters above the sea level, in the hollow, surrounded by high mountains covered with fir, pine and beech woods. Diseases of bile-excreting system, urogenital system, gastrointestinal tract, metabolic diseases, postoperative conditions are treated in Skhidnytsya. Mineral waters of Skhidnytsya – “Naftusya”, springs of soda type (“Borjomi” type), chalybeate, chloride-sodium springs with increased content of bromine are used both internally and externally by functional disorders of nervous system and skin diseases.   
Mineral water “Naftusya” of Skhidnytsya has 38 springs, 17 wells, and more than 25 unexplored springs. Territory of location of springs is 8 km2. Resources of mineral water are 80-100 m3 per day. Skhidnytsya location is in Oryvskyy layer of Carpathians near Skole and therefore in Skhidnytsya “Naftusya” is found together with oil. Mineral water is formed in the interior of the Earth, and in combination with organic substances and trace elements it creates element of its curative force. 

Phenomenon of “Naftusya”: - significantly increases discharge from human organism; - restores metabolic disorders; - effectively influences on choleretic function of liver; - effectively influences on excretory function of kidneys;- effectively influences on secretory and evacuation functions of stomach; - restores regeneration of cells in organism. Therapeutic features of “Naftusya” are sometimes more effective than other medications! “Naftusya” successfully cures diseases of liver, kidneys, diatheses, stomach, anemia, insular diabetes, and also discharges from organism radionuclides and slags (especially effective for victims of accident at Chornobyl nuclear power station).

By mineralization and chemical content mineral waters of Skhidnytsya are divided on:
Low-mineralized – with increased content of organic compounds (springs # 1, 3, 26);
With distinct choleretic influence (springs # 5, 8, 9, 10, 25, 1с, 18с);
Low-mineralized – with content of iron (springs # 13, 15);
Average-mineralized, hydrocarbonate and chloride-hydrocarbonate. Sodium (# 2s). Chloride-sodium (examined by Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine)
Spring # 1: hydrocarbonate-sodium-calcium water.
Organic compounds, which enhance therapeutic influence on human organism, are contained in it. Medical recommendations – urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis, chronic pyelocystitis of nontuberculous origin, lithogenic diathesis, diseases of bile-excreting system of organism.

Spring # 2s: sodium “Naftusya”
It influences on acid-base balance and contributes to reduction of acid-production function of gastric glands.
Medical recommendations – by diseases of stomach, bowels and duodenum (chronic: pancreatitises, colitises, gastritises, stomach ulcers).

Spring # 3: low-acid hydrocarbonate-calcium water with scent of hydrogen sulfide and substantial content of useful trace elements.
It stimulates diuretic and anti-inflammatory reaction, improves urodynamics and blood circulation, stabilizes normal operation of kidneys, and also prevents growth and origination of stones in them.  
This low-mineralized water improves state of health and appetite, contributes to purification of organism from radionuclides, and content of zinc in it helps in treatment of insular diabetes.

Spring # 5: hydrocarbonate-sodium-calcium water with content of organic substances.
Medical recommendations – by treatment of chronic diseases of urinary and bile-excreting tracts.

Springs # 8, 9, 10: Pump-room. Low-mineralized, alkalescent, hydrocarbonate-calcium water with increased content of silicic acid, iron, manganese and silver.  
Medical recommendations – by diseases of liver and biliary tracts, pathology of urinary tracts, kidneys.
”Naftusya” from pump-room intensifies urinary function of kidneys, increases urine output (diuresis) and filtration function of kidneys.

Spring # 13:
hydrocarbonate-calcium water with increased content of iron (there are no analogs in Ukraine).  
Owing to this low-mineralized water changes secretory function of gastric glands, and ions of ferrous iron accelerate forming of erythrocytes in blood and reproduction of level of hemoglobin.  
This water also activates discharge from organism of radioactive cesium.  
Medical recommendations – by diseases of liver, iron-deficiency anemia, chronic gastritises, chronic enteritises and colitises, radiation sickness, etc.

Spring # 15: low-mineralized water enriched with iron, manganese and carbonic acid.  
Medical recommendations – by chronic diseases of stomach with lowered acidity, iron-deficiency anemia, chronic pyelonephritises, chronic cystitises and many other diseases on doctor’s prescription.

Spring # 18s:
low-mineralized, alkalescent water with distinct choleretic action.
Hydrocarbonate-sulfate-sodium with slight scent of hydrogen sulfide and increased content of trace elements.  
This “Nafyusya” stimulates chologenetic function of liver, increases productivity of bile, stimulates synthesis of cholines in liver, decreases concentration of cholesterol in bile, stimulates regeneration of tissues of liver, reinforces water-excreting function of kidneys, decreases inflammatory process in kidneys.

Spring # 25: low-mineralized water with distinct choleretic influence of human organism.
Medical recommendations – by chronic pyelonephritises, chronic cystitises, chronic hepatitises, cholangitises, cholecystitises, after Botkin's diseases and after kidney surgeries.

Spring # 26:
hydrocardonate-sulfate-calcium-magnesium water.
(analog of # 25)  
Medical recommendations – by chronic pyelonephritises, chronic cystitises, chronic hepatitises, cholangitises, cholecystitises, after Botkin's diseases and after kidney surgeries.