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Morshyn is a small developed town for 6000 residents with well-arranged automobile and railway connection, located on Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk route at distance of 85 km from Lviv and 95 km from Ivano-Frankivsk. Territory, where sanatorium-resort and cultural-amenity establishments are located, is detached from residential area of the town.
Main treatment factors of Morshyn are unique by chemical composition and concentration chloride-sulfate sodium-magnesium-potassium and chloride-sodium mineral waters, and also turf mud and "earth wax" – ozokerite.
All sanatoriums are situated in forest-park area, therefore it is always quiet, calm on the territory, and fresh air adds new strength and sense of cheerfulness. Large number of cafes, restaurants, open-air pavilions will allow to spend free time well in the circle of friends and rest.

Formation and development of resort Morshyn favored its main treatment factors – mineral springs (brines). They are especially effective by diseases of bowels, male urogenital system, gynecological diseases, and also by chronic infectious-allergic diseases of upper airways in the form of inhalations.
Spring # 1 is by itself a shaft well 50 m deep. Its water is highly mineralized (brine), which differs it from many springs of our country. With deepness of well the general mineralization of brine increases from 16g/l to 400 g/l. By chemical composition it is chloride-sulfate sodium-magnesium. It is intended for external (brine of surface layer of well) and internal (brine of bottom layer) use. Trace elements – copper, zinc, iron, aluminum, strontium, titanium, cobalt significantly supplement therapeutic value of water. It is especially effective by subacid gastritises, enterocolitises with heightened motor-evacuation function.  
Spring # 6 is in operation since 1968, the well is very rich and prospective, debit is 123.4 m3 per day. By chemical composition it is sulfate-chloride sodium-magnesium-potassium water (brine) with general mineralization up to 238g/l, it is noted for high contents of magnesium and potassium sulfates, which mainly condition specific action particularly in treatment of patients with pathology of liver, bile-excreting tracts, hyperacid and normal-acid gastritises, etc. 
Spring # 4 is located in forest park area. Mineralization is 0.17 g/l. By chemical composition it is hydrocarbonate-calcium, besides it contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, sulfates in small quantities. There are about 38 Mache units of radon in it, there is also increased content of dissolved oxygen, reaction is subacid. Taking into consideration physical and chemical features, it is used as diuretic in treatment of urine acid diathesises, urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritises, etc.  
Use. Mineral waters of springs ## 1, 6, 4 are used both externally and internally, and also for different lavages and irrigations. 
For external use in the form of mineral baths is used, mainly, mineral water of spring # 1. As research showed, under influence of chloride-sodium water occur changes in different functional systems, neurohumoral regulation and tissue metabolism. After taking of baths salt “coat” remains on skin and as a result of irritation of surface receptors the abovementioned physiological changes occur. Mineral (brine) baths with general mineralization 10-20 g/l are prescribed every other day, with duration of 10-15 minutes, at temperature 36-37oС. 
Internal use – in the form of lavages and irrigations. It is especially effective by diseases of bowels, male urogenital system, gynecological diseases, and also by chronic infectious-allergic diseases of upper airways in the form of inhalations. 
Other natural factors: turf mud and ozokerite, are widely used at the resort.
Turf mud by physical and chemical features is a highly-mineralized medical raw material of high quality. It is used for electromud procedures, vaginal and rectal tampons, particularly in treatment of gynecological diseases, prostatitises, proctosigmoiditises.   
Ozokerite possesses maximum heat capacity, minimum heat conductivity with biggest heat-retaining feature comparative to other heat carriers. It exercises chemical (contains mineral oils and breas) and strong biological influence, which causes significant changes in organism, particularly in vascular and neurohumoral systems, increases blood circulation and lymphokinesia, changes water and protein metabolism, manifesting thereby strong anti-inflammatory, resolving and antispastic action. By cooling amount of ozokerite decreases on average on 15%, creating compression influence on vascular system of skin, which reinforces its trophism and metabolic processes. It is used in the form of applications by diseases of digestive organs, diseases of locomotor system (arthritises, arthrosises, osteochondrosises, etc.), gynecological and urological diseases