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Truskavets is located 90 km South from Lviv and 75 km from Slavske ski resort.  Truskavets is one of the largest balneal resorts of Ukraine, famous for variety of mineral waters, the most famous of which is "Naftusya". This water, in complex with other natural treatment factors, such as mineral baths, ozokerite- and physiotherapy, treats chronic inflammatory diseases of kidneys, liver and biliary tracts, metabolic diseases, including pancreatic diabetes and many others. Truskavets is also indispensable for patients with urolithiasis.

Water favors discharge of small stones and “sand” from kidneys, gall-bladder, urinary and bile-excreting tracts, decreases lithogenicity of urine and bile, which prevents risk of repeated stone formation. 
Therapeutic “Naftusya” of Truskavets deposit normalizes metabolism, particularly carbohydrate metabolism of patients with insular diabetes, improves operation of gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, increases activity of endocrine glands, protects and restores liver cells, removes from organism radionuclides, slags and suboxidized metabolic products. It has analgesic action, favors decrease of inflammatory processes in kidneys, urinary tracts, liver, gastrointestinal tract, etc. Owing to immune-protective actions it increases reactivity of organism, prevents oncological diseases.  
Baths with pine extract, marine salt, with medicinal herbs, all types of therapeutic douches, pool with mineral water and sauna are also at your service. Complex treatment at resort includes one more unique method – ozokerite therapy.
Ozokerite consists of high-molecular paraffins and ceresins with admixtures of rare oils. The sole in the world deposit of ozokerite is situated at distance of 4 km from Truskavets in the town of Boryslav. Ozokerite has anti-inflammatory and analgesic action and enhances hemodynamics in affected organ. Recently is observed tendency to increase of number of persons on vacation with children, organized groups of children and teenagers. More and more people choose Truskavets for family rest and treatment. 

Our services include:
Access to the best health resorts in Ukraine
Tour of the Mykhaylo Bilas Art Museum
Excursion to the historic town of Drohobych
Excursion to the village of Naguyevychi, the birthplace of the famous poet Ivan Franko