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Truskavets is one of the largest balneal resorts of Ukraine, famous for variety of mineral waters, the most famous of which is "Naftusya". This water, in complex with other natural treatment factors, such as mineral baths, ozokerite- and physiotherapy, treats chronic inflammatory diseases of kidneys, liver and biliary tracts, metabolic diseases, including pancreatic diabetes and many others. Truskavets is also indispensable for patients with urolithiasis. This spa resort has the best infrastractructure. The modern city rehabilitation spa center is the best place for a really luxury relaxation and  rejuvenation.

Main treatment factors of Morshyn are unique by chemical composition and concentration chloride-sulfate sodium-magnesium-potassium and chloride-sodium mineral waters, and also turf mud and "earth wax" – ozokerite. Mineral water of the Morshyn springs are especially effective for diseases of bowels, male urogenital system, gynecological diseases, and also by chronic infectious-allergic diseases of upper airways in the form of inhalations.

Diseases of bile-excreting system, urogenital system, gastrointestinal tract, metabolic diseases, postoperative conditions are treated in Skhidnytsya. Mineral waters of Skhidnytsya – “Naftusya”, springs of soda type (“Borjomi” type), chalybeate, chloride-sodium springs with increased content of bromine are used both internally and externally by functional disorders of nervous system and skin diseases.