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Регулярні збірні тури:

У ритмі Львова (7дн./6н.) щопонеділка

В обіймах Львова і Карпат (7дн./6н.) щодня

Знову у Львові, бо моє серце тут (6 дн./5н.) щовівторка

Тільки у Львові (5дн./4н.) щопонеділка, щосереди

Таємниці Львова (4дн./3н.) щочетверга, щоп'ятниці

Львів для великих і малих (3дн./2н.) щоп'ятниці

Місто з ароматом кави (3дн./2н.) щоп'ятниці

Хмільний Львів (3дн./2н.) щоп'ятниці

Вікенд у Львові (2дн./1н.) щосуботи

Львівська дзига (2 дні/1 ніч) щосуботи

Нові екскурсії по Львову

Графік збірних екскурсій по Львову

Дитячі тури:

Місто сплячих левів (2дн./1н.)

Львівська дзига (2дн./1н.)

Львів + Медовий Блюз (2 дні/1 ніч)

Львів + дельфінарій + зоопарк (2 дн./1 н.)

Львів - перлина Європи (3дн./2н.)

Львівські канікули (3дн./2н.)


Одноденна екскурсія

Про Львів

Регулярні збірні тури
Дитячі тури
Корпоративи та семінари у Львові
Daily tours to Lviv


Леополіс 5*
Нобіліс 5*
Цитадель-Інн 5*
Андріївський 4*
Атлас 4*
Асторія 4*
Дністер 4*
Кавальєр 4*
Копа 4*
Купава 4*
Наварія Нова 4*
Супутник 4*
Швейцарський 4*
LH Hotel & Spa 4*
Джем 3*
Відень 3*
Вінтаж 3*
Волтер 3*
Галактика 3*
Гетьман 3*
Древній град 3*
Едем 3*
Еней 3*
Замок лева 3*
Євроготель 3*
Жорж 3*
Ірена 3*
Леотель 3*
Нота Бене 3*
Озерний край 3*
Оріон 3*
Панорама 4*
Панська гора
Південний 3*
Преміум 3*
Престиж 3*
Рамада 3*
Рейкарц Дворжец 3*
Рейкарц Медіваль 3*
Ріус 3*
Сент Федер 3*
Cоната 3*
Старий Краків 3*
Cтатус 3*
Цісар 3*
Шопен 3*
Марс 3*
Варшава 2*
Львів 3*


м.Львів, 79005
проспект Шевченка, 34
тел./факс (032) 297-08-52
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                (050) 456-99-00

ліц. АГ №580895 від 16.03.12

In the arms of Lviv and the Carpathians

7 days / 6 nights

The tour is available for any date during the period since June 16, 2014 to 30 September, 2014


Arrival to Lviv. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation after 14.00. Free time.
Walking excursion «City with Coffee Aroma»: During the tour you will learn about the history of coffee consumption, its way to Europe and to Lviv, Lviv coffee history. We will begin Market Square - the heart of old city, will walk along narrow medieval streets  to the grand ensemble of the Assumption Church - architectural masterpiece of Ukrainian renaissance, baroque Dominican church - where you can listen to organ music, Gothic  Latin cathedral,  Boim’s Chapel - the burial place of the rich burghers, Armenian street with a unique Armenian church and house "seasons", the Royal City and Arsenal, Bernardine monastery complex... You will hear many legends about the city and its citisents, walk along central city avenue - Liberty Ave, near monument to Taras Shevchenko and Opera House - an architectural gem of the city, one of the most beautiful theaters in Europe.
Walking tour around Lviv "Mysteries of Lviv" (2 hours).

Day 2

Sightseeing tour around Lviv, during which You will see the bird's-eye view of the city (from the viewing platform the mountain High Castle), ancient Galician Сhurches, situated at Pidzamche (Church of St. Paraskeva, Church of St. Оnufriy, St. Mykolay, Churches of Saint Mary of the Snow and John the Baptist), St. George's Cathedral - the main Greek Catholic Church of Ukraine, complex of Lviv Universities, Svobody Avenue, the Opera House Lychakivskiy Memorial Cemetery, listed in the World Heritage List of UNESCO (graves of I. Franko, M. Shashkevych, S. Krushelnytska, the composers S. Lyudkevych, A. Kos-Anatolsky and V. Ivasyuk, the architect S. Gorgolewski). 
Optionally we offer to visit the first in Ukraine Museum of Brewing, of total area over 500 sq.m., located at the building from the ХІХ century. The Museum invites You to travel through the history of producing and consuming beer not only on the territory of our country but around the world starting with ancient times to the present, tasting (!) freshly brewed Lviv beer.
In the evening, we recommend to visit:
- Lviv State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of Solomiya Krushelnytska. Schedule of performances is here
- National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre of M. Zankovetska Repertoire
- concert at Lviv Philharmonic
- concert of organ music at the Dominican Church at 15.00 on Saturdays, Sundays

Day 3

Optionally we offer:
09.30-18.00 Country excursion «Golden Horseshoe of Lviv» - fascinating tour by the picturesque places of Lviv Region visiting Olesko, Podhirtsi and Zolochiv Castles (optionally - 180Euro.).
Arrival to Lviv.

Day 4

Breakfast. Transfer to the station.
07.10 Departure from Lviv by comfortable speed train to Slavske Village. 09.22 - arrival (private transfer Lviv-Slavske can be booked for additional fee).
From 14.00 - Accommodation at the hotel. Free time to rest in the Carpathians. Overnight stop in Slavske Village.

Day 5

Free time to have the rest in the Carpathians.
At free time we recommend:
- take a lift on a cable road to Trostyan Mountain (is available on weekends),
- horse riding,
- swimming in the hotel pool,
- gathering berries.
Overnight stop in Slavske Village.

Day 6

Breakfast. Checkout before 14.00.
Free time to have a rest in the Carpathians.
18.30 Departure from Slavske Village to Lviv by the comfortable speed train. Arrival to Lviv at 20.45.Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 7

Checkout before 14.00.
Optionally we offer:
10.00-15.00 Departure from Lviv. Vising the renaissance city Zhovkva viewing the Church of Holy Trinity, walking around the city center which remained its original look from the ХVІІ century, viewing the royal castle, the Church of St. Lawrence and Stanislaus, Church with wall paintings by Yulian Butsmanyuk in the style of Ukrainian art-deco. Transfer to the Krekhiv Monastery viewing the Church of St. Mykolay with wonderworking icon of Werchrata Holy Mother. Strolling by the beech forest of the national Yavoriv Park visiting St.Source, where You can plunge into the healing water (if You have the swimsuit or swimming trunks), trip to the cave, where the oratory remained. Arrival to Lviv. (optionally – price is 140Euro).
Departure from Lviv.

Price in UAH for 1 person (minimum - 2 persons)


Price of the tour for 2 persons

Lviv  «Leotel», «Old Krakow», «Irena»,
Slavske Village «Liliana»


Lviv, hotel «Аstoria», «Panorama», «Swiss»
Slavske Village «Perlyna Karpat»


The price includes:
- accommodation in the hotel (6 nights), DBL accommodation in standard;
- 6 breakfasts at the hotel;
- if staying at hotel «Perlyna Karpat», Slavske -2 dinners, 
- transfer from the train station to the hotel, transfer from the hotel to the train station. Transfer after arrival from Slavske from the train station to the hotel
- tickets to a comfortable speed train Lviv-Slavske-Lviv,
- sightseeing bus tour around Lviv - 3 hours;
- walking excursion «City with the Coffee Aroma» around Lviv - 3 hours;
- walking excursion «Mysteries of Lviv» - 2 hours.


The price does not include:
- optional excursions (should be booked at the time of ordering the tour);
- entrance tickets;
- medical insurance.





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